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Car Crash Insurance: Who Covers Your Rental Car Expenses?

The question of who will cover your rental car expenses after a car crash is an important one! Typically, the driver’s insurance company covers them. But what if you are in a different country? What about if you don’t have auto insurance at all? In this blog post, we’ll discuss who covers your rental car expenses and why it’s so important that they do.

Who Covers Your Rental Car Expenses?

If you’re in a crash, and your insurance company pays for the damages to your car (or if you don’t have auto insurance at all), they’ll also cover the cost of your rental car. This can be an easy way out of dealing with deductibles or other fees that come up after paying for repairs on their own. It’s best not to get rid of this coverage because who knows what could happen?

In general, the driver’s insurer will pay for these costs when it covers liability claims like property damage or bodily injury caused by accidents involving insured vehicles. However, there are two situations where such payments may not apply:

  • If another party is determined wholly responsible for causing injuries during a collision between two uninsured vehicles
  • If your insurer has made a “deductible decision” not to pay for certain repairs because they deem the cost too expensive.

In these situations, you should contact your rental car company and let them know that you need help covering expenses! They may be able to charge off costs against any credit card on file or provide some other outlet of payment. For instance, Hertz® allows renters with insurance coverage for their own vehicle’s damages caused during an accident to request reimbursement for collision damage rentals from their personal auto policy through its “Hertz Choice Plus” program as well as many credit cards including American Express®, Diners Club International Inc., MasterCard Worldwide and Visa U.S.A., Incorporated.

If you cannot find any of the solutions mentioned above appropriate, hire a personal injury lawyer like SHW Law and ask for all the options you have at your disposal. It’s the best and easiest way to get the desired outcomes in a short period.